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Even if you do not consider yourself "passionate" about tea, the Arbor tea website is more than just a product catalog, it is a tea experience.

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Anyone out there who has a passion for tea must take a look at  Arbor teas offers every variety of tea imaginable and a host of tea-related items including:  teapots, travel mugs, infusers, tea timers, booksapparel, and more.  Arbor teas also offers some other great products.  They have tea samplers, gift sets, tea for children, and special blends to make iced tea.    For those interested in refining their tea palate, Arbor tea has a Tea of the Month Club, and a World Tour Club

Even if you do not consider yourself  "passionate" about tea, the Arbor tea website is more than just a product catalog, it is a tea experience.  Arbor teas offers informative descriptions and detailed photos of every type of tea they sell from Golden Yunnan Black Tea to White Velvet White Tea.    Each tea also has an expert review and customer rating.  For those of us who are far from tea connoisseurs, the information contained on the Arbor Teas website is quite informative.  I now know what Rooibos is and I've learned how to make Kombucha.  

The website offers some other great features.  The amount of information contained on the website is impressive.  The website explains the history of tea, the health benefits of tea, and how to properly store tea. teaches you how to host a proper tea partyhow to taste tea like a pro, and how to pair food and tea.  I could go on and on.  The website basically tells you everything you could possibly want to know about tea and more.  The website also has an active blog for tea lovers to share their tea experiences. 

The co-founders of Arbor Teas, Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin, are a husband and wife team whose obvious passion for top quality tea has inspired them to create a great company which not only sells high-quality tea and tea products, but offers their customers the ability to make every sip of tea a special occasion.  Lucky for us here in southeast Michigan, Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin are just as passionate about their home town, Ann Arbor, Michigan, as they are about tea.  These two are most importantly passionate about our environment.  All of Arbor Teas are organic.  Arbor Teas has partnered with to ensure that their teas are packaged in environmentally-friendly materials and to promote energy efficiency and reforestation. 


Curtis Gaynor on March 26, 2010 9:20 AM
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Arbor Teas, I am a student at Eastern Michigan University and I stumbled across your website through the MichiganInnovators website. I just wanted to comment about how impressed I was how and inspiring it was for me as a wanna-be business owner. In fact, I have your website saved in my ‘favorites’ because it is a great example of everything a website should be. My first thought when I entered your website was how clean it looked. The professional and mature aura it exudes instills trust and interest right away. The mere look of your website demands the viewer take you seriously. As I navigated around, looking at the different types of teas and all the apparel, it took barely a second to load each page. Jumping from page to page was like a waltz and I found some fun zipping through all the information with a glance and stopping when I struck something interesting. It is incredibly annoying and frustrating when you have to wait, even seconds, for a page to load, only to discover you weren’t interested with anything on that page. As I perused the “Tea Facts” and the “Tea Fun” sections I started to get excited about tea, too! The passion you have for tea pours out from each page, by this time I was drenched. As a young business-minded sleuth I thought the only thing missing from your website was the “communal” experience we are taught to develop. But… then I found the tea blog. Wow! I was blown away at how much interest you drew from me right from the start. St. Paddy’s Pancakes! History of Irish Tea! And then all the categories along the side touched the sympathetic parts of me. Your whole website was pleasant to experience and very intriguing. I’m just graduating college, so many of your products don’t interest me, without money or time to enjoy them. However, I plan to keep your website in my back-pocket, for future reference and when I get settled down in life and just want to enjoy a cup of tea.
I personally think this is a great idea. The storefront alone only would have been so good for me, but when elements like expert reviews, definitions, and a blog are added to a shopping experience for a product that is a little complex, it really gets me interested. This represents perfect marketing for someone like me; when there is something detailed to be known about something somewhat common, I almost automatically want to know more about it. The combination of this information with great examples of what is being discussed is a double whammy. It is as though sites like this were made for me, and I fall into the category of someone who is not passionate about tea, I just have curiosity. The general cleanliness of the page is also very inviting, and adds to the site's general appeal. I think the Lopatins have really brought a lot together with this business. They’re green, organic and free trade, and most importantly to me, they offer high quality products. All of this while keeping local roots is highly commendable, and if they read this they should know that they have officially received Mat’s seal of approval (these don’t go to just anyone, you know).

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