Jimmy Hsiao — Four important business locations in China

Jimmy discusses how his company developed offices in Nanjing, Beijing, and Shanghai. He also elaborates on the continued importance of Hong Kong.

In this 8 minute podcast (download iPod compatible, 43MB), Jimmy Hsiao talks about how he developed offices in three different cities in China and the importance of a fourth. Recall from our last conversation that Logic Solutions has been in China for the past 8 years. Highlights of this conversation include:


Logic Solutions started in Nanjing. They were looking for a location to source their development work that was not too expensive. Nanjing is a former capital of China with a well-educated population that is also off the beaten path.


Jimmy knew of a good web development firm in Beijing that wanted to sell its business. Beijing is also the capital of China and a good location for learning of new developments.


One of Jimmy's major customers in the U.S. is General Motors. He was mentioning his China supply chain management activities, and GM suggested he set up in Shanghai to help them. Jimmy assessed that Shanghai was a growing, important city from another of perspectives and did so.

Hong Kong

Jimmy does not have an office in Hong Kong, but it is an important gateway from the country where he was born, Taiwan, and the main land as there are currently somewhat strained relations between the two. Jimmy also notes that many foreign businesses choose Hong Kong because of its English-speaking heritage.

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