Dennis Blanchette: What are the security/privacy trade-offs?

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Security and privacy are often seen at loggerheads. After all, if you can control access based on identity, you know a lot about the people whose access you track.

In this two minute segment (download iPod compatible, 11MB), Dennis Blanchette of Ensure Technologies turns the issue of privacy around. Shouldn't access to sensitive data be controlled to protect the people who own the data? Federal mandates such as HIPAA privacy standards would seem to agree.

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TeAnna Hart on November 20, 2007 6:33 PM
Technology is a great thing, it allows us to store data and other personal information throught the different softwares that are used in the workplace. However, privacy is a great issue. Financial, health, background, and other personal information should only be allowed to be seen or used by those who have a direct need for it. I think more institues should reconsider their privacy methods such as entrances to facilities or departments and the availability of private information on programs used to store data in the workplace. I would definitely recommend such a service.

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