Alyssa Martina: Metro Parent in a Year

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Alyssa Martina discusses her twelve month goals for Metro Parent.

In this four minute segment (download iPod compatible, 22MB), Alyssa Martina outlines her twelve month goals for Metro Parent. Overall, she wants to maintain Metro Parent's passionate focus on high quality connectivity with its market. Within this constraint, she's open to entering new markets and wants to do projects she has not thought of today. One particularly intriguing area is the Internet, and she is wondering if she cannot expand her markets beyond the Detroit area.


Jeremy Ward on November 19, 2007 7:23 PM
I thought Alyssa’s comments in regards to her one year goal were an interesting alternative to what you typically hear entrepreneurs say. All too often I think that people, especially driven individuals, have too much focus on their goals. While I think that you always have to be working on your goals, your longer term goals should not be so specific that it does not allow you to try some of the opportunities that arise along the way. The company that I currently work for used to make the Argus camera back in the 1940’s. At that time, it was the world’s largest selling 35mm camera in the world. After World War II, the Japanese started developing 35mm cameras that surpassed the Argus in quality at a much lower price. Needless to say, they lost almost all the market share they had held. The CEO determined a way to get the company back on course. Along they way, an individual proposed a new technology to the CEO. The CEO said that it didn’t work into his vision for where the company was going. The person with the new idea took it to Polaroid and everyone knows how big the instant camera made Polaroid. I’m sure many companies have stories such as this, and some may be true and some may be myth, but the point is to not be so focused that you miss out on what could be a great opportunity. Regards, Jeremy Ward
Nicolet Horrington on November 19, 2007 10:47 PM
A Magazine with a message Metro Parent is a great that I even read! I do not have children but the magazine offers important information that in relevant to all aspects of life. This is another business that has found a great niche in the market and has raised the bar that not many companies can compare to. If Metro Parent did expand to the online market there reach would be much wider. The Metro Parent magazine is not size friendly meaning that the size of the magazine is not one that I could fit comfortably in a purse. I think that the reason why Alyssa is so successful is because she has mapped out her 12 month goals and she understands the importance of loyalty and consistency to her customer base. She knows what she wants the magazine to represent and she will always offer that same brand experience. Consistency is how she will achieve her long term goals that will continue to make Metro Parent a success. Nicolet Horrington
Peter Sauerbrei on November 20, 2007 11:26 AM
Metro Parent has been around for over 20 years and is around to help parents raise their kids. Alyssa Martina, who started in Law, is a true entrepreneur. My favorite section of these interviews was when she was describing how she attacked a new business idea. She and Bud described her focus as "tenacious" when it came to looking at an entrepreneurial venture. She said she was a risk taker by nature but her risks were never "leaps of faith" meaning that although she is willing to try something new or somewhat risky she will only take calculated risks. She said she will evaluate anything that seems of interest and a potentially viable business opportunity. This is a great piece of advice for future entrepreneurs and this is something that I plan on putting to practice. I also thought i twas interesting how she described her distribution model. She described her publication as free controlled quality. The free part being the most intriguing. Most of the money made from any publication is from advertising and not from subscriptions or newsstand sales. Alyssa is always looking to explore new segments in her market but at the same time offered some good advice when she said to "stay loyal to your market". This is also a great piece of advice for all businesses. Spreading yourself to thin over different markets can cripple a business. It is more important to be a leader in the field as apposed to being involved in many different fields.
TeAnna Hart on November 20, 2007 5:28 PM
Alysssa Martina had a great idea, providing parents with supportive information to help raise kids and a family. Her ideas for support are awesome, but I love the fact that she is willing to hear new ideas from others to do collaborations and work together on things as well. Being open to new things will help keep your current market and also bring on new customers in the market and maybe even bring about whole new markets than those targeted. Allowing yourself to be open and still meet the main long term goal is a fantastic way to leave room for growth, which she is doing and I love the idea.
Katie Molaro on October 13, 2008 10:06 AM
Metro Parent really has the ball in its court. I think that Alyssa is able to do what some entreprenuers find difficult and that is to continue to serve its target market through change. It is very apparent that Metro Parent is established in it's niche, which Alyssa menitons in the beginning of this interivew and recognizes that the future plans are ones that invovled expanding the company and possible going onto the Internet. Well, I checked out the Metro Parent site and they did a wonderful job. As Alyssa states their main objective is to keep the connectivity levels with their customers high. I feel that Metro Parent is a company that has constant evaluation of their market to make sure they are not falling behind or failing to give their customers what they want. One of Alyssa's characteristic of passion and vision is something that I believe is what makes Metro Parent so successful. By passionately loving what she is doing there is little room left for her to get caught up in multiple business ventures that may not relate to her vision. In the interview she admits that she is a risk taker through exploration, but if it is not the right fit she will not jump into it because she has a clear vision. By having a clear vision to growth of the company benefits by not having random changes made all the time, instead it appeard that Alyssa entertains many ideas all the time but only selects the best fit for the company and the idea that will enable to company to grow in the visionary direction.
Asia Johnson on November 15, 2008 11:23 AM
Metro Parents is a great idea, and a perfect business venture for Alyssa who is a parent herself. By offering an informative and supportive service to parents from a parent adds a personal touch. Even though I do not have children of my own I can image just how overwhelming it could be. By offering some form of assistance has to realive some of the pressure. Any business that deals with parents, children and families in general have to be greatly appreciated and respected. Alyssa's vision of Metro Parents was to expand in other areas as well as an internet site. Her vision would allow her to touch the lives of even more people. Alyssa also spoke about her view on other business ventures. She definately isn't ruling anything out but made a point of saying that she would be open to other ideas but even though it is a good idea doesn't necessarily mean that she would be the right person for it. With allowing her self to be open to new ideas it allows her to explore ideas for expanding her business and collaborating with other entrepreneurs. Overall, I think that what Alyssa is doing with Metro Parents is a great thing and will benefit a lot of people. To be a successful entrepreneur I think you have to understand your business and love you what you do.
Sarah Butler on November 16, 2008 1:35 PM
Alyssa truly is tapping into a market that she has a strong passion about and has a great deal of commitment to. I believe as Entrepreneurs we needs to do as she says by not "taking uncalculated risk" but enhance our products and find that niche to fill. To survive as entrepreneurs we need to have that passion, without it we are merely filling a space and not sufficing a need. I love her concept of seeing if that "window" of opportunity has enough that you can pry at it and turn it into a door. Alyssa has her eyes open to new ventures as well should.
Brandon Cholette on November 17, 2008 6:25 PM
Alyssa, your business idea seems outstanding! Not only are you showing your loyalty to the target market, but your services are benefiting society as well. Many parents today can’t figure out how to relate to their children. Your business can help them do that by engaging them in activities together. This is definitely a business that can expand outside of the Detroit area, because times are changing everywhere. Children are growing up faster than ever with their access to internet, music, movies, and easy exposure to adult content. Because of this, parents have a hard time controlling what they watch and learn. The best way for a parent to monitor this is by talking to their children and spending time with them. From the video, this seems like the idea you want to focus your services on. A lot of parents need help doing this today because they are overwhelmed by the hard economic times this country is facing and are doing what they can to make it. What types of people demographically do you normally get business from? It seems to me that you would get customers that have money, but don’t have time to spend it or spend enough time with their children. What do you normally charge a typical family that wants your help? Do you have education or experience in counseling? I am looking forward to learning about your business in the future as I continue to visit I also look forward to hearing your responses if you have time to do so. My name is Brandon Cholette, a student at EMU, and I can be reached by email at Thanks and Good Luck!
Jessica Cook on November 18, 2008 4:15 PM
Metro Parent has been around for 21 years and I remember a time where my mother use to read this magazine. I like the fact that Alyssa is ready to branch out a bit and explore other options for the magazine. I think the internet idea is great because it gives parent who are on the go a chance to still read the magazine. I know plenty of parents who barely have time to pick up a magazine but they could always get to a computer read a feature article and then come back to it later. I would like to see more African-American families in the magazine I think that would be a great idea and it would also help expand their network. I like that they are still lookig for ways to make themselves better after 21 years of production.
Julie Rutkowske on November 18, 2008 5:22 PM
Alyssa Martina is very driven to expand Metro Parent into something even better. She knows her market very well, but always wonders what will be next. Most people have a set vision of what’s next and in the future. She seems very conscientious of the decisions she does make though. I like the fact that she is sticking within her market of parents and children and not “selling out” to other targets. With this method she can stay focused and offer the best product to her target customers. Trying to figure what the next year will entail is a big question because anything new can come at a moments notice. I think she offers a great product by connecting parents better with their children. The website and magazine give parents all sorts of information. I even checked out Metro Parents website and it has tons of information on it. Alyssa is definitely going in the right direction. If I could ask her one question, I would ask her what is another product she would like to offer to her customers?
Jodie Randolph on March 30, 2009 1:16 PM
What I really enjoyed about this interview is that Metro Parent is open to new opportunities and that it has a strong committment to it's target market. I think that it is very important for businesses not to be closed-minded when it comes to new ventures and new opportunities, but to at least explore new ideas and be open to them, even if they are not officially acted upon. I also think that allowing Metro Parent to stick to its target market and not venture too far outside of the subjects of home and parenting makes them that much more focused and dedicated to their customers. Values are important too, espciaally when dealing with parents and families. Martina stated that they are committed to being trustworthy and honest in their business practices, which makes customers more loyal to them. Jodie Randolph

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